Tuesday, March 24, 2020

A Belated Bloggiversary!

Four days ago marks the one year anniversary of this blog, so, a very happy bloggiversary to me!!!

Obviously this has largely been a semi-private venture, but I intend on sharing this blog in some public places over the coming days, and may even put a short adventure I wrote up in celebration. I hope that, if you’re new and reading this, that my own imagination inspires yours and you hit the keypad or put pen to page or brush to mini or whatever you do that’s creative with newfound vigor. 

I have a lot more world building I’ve done and to do, but mostly it’s taken a back seat to other projects. I’ve been very focused on trying to get a promotion at work, and also handing a lot of IRL life stuff lately. To say the least of the madness I’m sure most of you are catching from social media and the news these days.

I’ve got several projects on my plate, and my local gaming crew (as well as several of my distant crews) are clamoring for games. And frankly I don’t blame them. The worlds our imaginations can conjure are vast and wonderful. My biggest project is a Megadungeon I’m working on. Half in secret, I’ve chatted with a bunch of people on it. I’ve got eight levels, and am shooting for thirty-five rooms a level, but as I map it it may be bigger. I had one level blow up to forty, and another is looking more like sixty-plus. My dilemma is actually mapping these room titles and scenarios I’m planning, and in all honesty I should just hunker down and get off my ass and make a consternated effort to do rather than dream, if that makes sense. 

Beyond that I need to actually read some tutorials as to how to add a blog roll to this blog so you all know who I’m reading.

Thank you for being kind enough to read me, truly I’m humbled. 

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