Wednesday, March 20, 2019


What this is: this is a place where I’m dumping a lot of my table-top RPG ideas, and I decided for some terrible reason to make it public. I may also just scream into the digital void here about stuff that’s going on in my life, but will try to keep it related to gaming and creative pursuits.

What I want it to be: a big ol’ stack of nerdy pancakes that you all enjoy, just one delicious treat after the next that leaves you hungry for more. I also hope that more than enjoying my content, it gets your own imagination going. That it inspires you to come up with your own ideas. There will be some gaps in logic or even direct contradictions in the things I write. That’s ok: I want you to choose how to fix them, or better yet, ask your players how they work.

Why: Because I really wanna write. Fiction, honestly, but really if I’m not thinking of game-stuff, my imagination goes a little dry. I once tried to stop writing nerd-game stuff to take those ideas and make them “serious writing”, aaaaand promptly stopped writing. My good fiction story ideas come when I also have good game story ideas. I know the last thing the internet needs is another gaming blog, but this one is mine.

Who: I’m an early 30s nerd who likes old-school games, short speculative fiction, writing, and painting little figurines. I listen to a lot of punk and metal music.


  1. Best pen and paper gaming blog of 2019 hands down.

    1. Thank you! I am humbled and flattered by your opinion!